Fun funds: Never fall short of funds on your Shouta® Mastercard ever again!

Top it up


Until now, the only way your Shouta® Mastercard balance was topped up was by receiving shouts. Now you can bump up your balance yourself with a direct debit from a bank account. Head to the Card tab and click the “Add funds to Shouta® card” but


How does it work?

Connect your bank account one time only. This is how it’s done:  


  1. Click the “Add funds to Shouta® card” button
  2. Choose your top up amount - $25 to $150.
  3. Select the bank you’d like to debit funds from - you’ll need your online banking log-in details.
  4. Then our people talk to your people, this can take a couple of minutes so don’t close anything or exit the screen. Just hang tight.
  5. Finally, your details will automatically pre-populate. Confirm that it’s correct and you’re ready to go!

You’ll be able to spend your $$ as soon as the funds clear. Depending on your bank it can take a minute or up to three business days for your funds to appear in your Shouta® Mastercard balance.

Mind your balance

Don’t forget your Shouta® Mastercard can only hold a max $650 card balance at one time and there’s a limit of how much you can spend from your balance too - no more than $250 can be spent from your balance in a 24 hour period.

Give the direct debit feature a go!


Pay less fees

There’s an added bonus to loading funds onto your Shouta® Mastercard - pay for shouts with your balance and you’ll pay 70% less on the shout fee! So, let’s say you’re sending a $5 Coffee shout, when you pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay or your preferred card, the total is $5.35 BUT if you pay with your Shouta® balance you’ll only pay $5.10!

Cover the your shout with your balance 💰

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