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It’s online shopping for gifts — without the shipping costs or wait times. Your instant gifting platform available via desktop and mobile.


Sending a shout via WebShouts

You don’t need the Shouta™ App to up your digital gifting game.

Find Shouta™ online to share those warm fuzzy feels right from your desktop or phone browser.

⚡ Pick it

Explore our featured shouts for inspo, or get creative with our custom option.

💝 Personalise it

Add a custom message, pic, gif, or that infamous meme from the group chat.

💌 Send it

We’ll fire your shoutee a text to download the App to see their digital gift. Instant endorphins!

🤑 Pick your way to pay

Pay by card, or use Apple Pay or Google Pay at checkout

WebShouts vs Shouta™ App


Shouta™ App

Register Blue-Check
Check out as guest Blue-Check Blue-Check
Google & Apple pay Blue-Check Blue-Check
Send up to three shouts at a time Blue-Check Blue-Check
Send GIFs & images Blue-Check Blue-Check
Access to limited edition shouts Blue-Check Blue-Check
Add shoutees faster by syncing your phone contacts Blue-Check
Switch your shout to send and someone else Blue-Check
Reply and comment on shouts Blue-Check
Birthday push notifications Blue-Check
Spend notifications Blue-Check
Check out with Shouta™ balance - 70% cheaper fees! Blue-Check

On desktop?

Send a shout with  WebShout today


Getting a shout

Good vibes are good vibes! Whether you use Shouta™ App or are sending a shout online, your shoutee’s experience is the same: a rush of endorphins and a sneaking suspicion that you’re the greatest gift giver of all time.


Spending a shout online

It’s the thought that counts. Especially when the thought is “Spend me!” Use your digital card to tap and pay wherever Shouta™ Mastercard is accepted, or grab your card deets from the App for your next online buy.


Want to use Shouta™ for your business?

Become a professional gifter. Use Shouta™ Biz to take the work out of workplace gifting. Contact us for pricing and to hear about our custom integration options.

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