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A little about us


We’re a small team of tech junkies and start-up veterans who spent 2020 just like you did: missing the outside world — and more importantly, our connection to people. 


If the year taught us anything (other than the fine art of sourdough) it’s that small acts of kindness make a massive difference.


But between bouquets and fruit baskets, it was impossible to show we were thinking of someone without it being expensive, extremely slow or just sort of, well, extra. When people say “You shouldn’t have,” they might actually mean it. 


That’s why we created Shouta™: an App that brings gifting up to speed and down to scale. With digital tech and customisable nano-gifts™, you don’t have to break the bank to make someone's day, or even leave the couch. Shouta™ gifts can be sent and received in seconds.

Careers @ Shouta™


We've got massive plans for nano-gifting™.


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