Delight your team, clients and customers with instant digital gifts 

Send gifts they'll *actually* love, instantly redeemable via a digital Shouta® Mastercard.

Phone and screen showing instant digital gifts for employees

Shouta Biz® takes the work out of workplace gifting, with instant digital gifts your clients and employees will love. We can help you send personalised digital gifts to

- and so much more!

Phone featuring Shouta Mastercard an instant digital gift card

The most flexible gift card of all

Coffee, drinks, meals and more are redeemable via a digital Shouta® Mastercard. Your recipient gets *instant* access to the card straight to their phone. Unlike gift cards, shouts can be spent anywhere in store or online - wherever Mastercard is accepted. Now that's what you call flexible.

Customised digital gift

Customise your digital gift

Personalise your digital gift with your company logo, your fave meme (work appropriate of course!) and add a special message.

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Digital gifts for all budgets

Shouta Biz® is the only digital gifting destination you need. Send nano-gifts® from $5 to $250, redeemable via a digital, reloadable Shouta® Mastercard.

Try Shouta Biz® for your business

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Sending instant digital gifts to employees

Send digital gifts in a couple of clicks

Looking to give your whole team kudos or send digital gifts to your full client roster? Download and populate our CSV template, upload it and send all your shouts in one go. All shoutees will get their digital gifts simultaneously via email or text (or both!)

digital gifts for companies

Track your digital gifts

Coordinating physical gifts can be painful (so many tracking numbers!), and gift cards that never get used are so wasteful but with Shouta Biz®, you can see when all your gifts have been received and viewed right on our platform. 

Find the right Shouta Biz® plan for your business


Send a reminder or refund unclaimed digital gifts 

Check your shout history to see who still hasn’t viewed their shout. From there, either send them a friendly “nudge,” or cancel their shout for a refund back to your company balance.

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Set and forget

The most gift-worthy times of the year tend to be the busiest, so schedule your shouts ahead of time for company milestones, client birthdays, holidays and more. No more last-minute shops, rush orders or impersonal gift cards. Just personalised digital gifts, delivered instantly. 


Share the love with Slack

Connect Shouta Biz® with Slack to let the whole team know when someone deserves extra recognition for their hard work.


Manage all of your gifting needs in just one platform


Lift your gifting game! It's free and perfect for small teams or sole traders — personalise your digital gifts and send up to 10 at a time. Sign up and get started straight away.



For when you and the team are gifting pros. With this plan, you'll score the ability to save shouts, shout up to 30 people, send reminders for un-viewed shouts, and integrate with Slack.



The ultimate gifting access with all the bells and whistles. Refund unclaimed shouts back to your company balance, schedule shouts and send shouts via SMS from your company name.



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Our customers

Companies big and small use Shouta Biz® to reward, engage and gift instantly.


Shouta Biz® is all treats, no trash

From individuals to teams, sending corporate gifts has never taken less work. Shout something small like a Coffee to kickstart the week or a gourmet Meal to congratulate a stellar deal; whatever you do, it’s sure to go over better than run-of-the-mill branded swag or a boring gift card that gets forgotten in the drawer.