How to send shouts

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Shout it

Gift something to eat, drink, use or enjoy. Think coffee, candy, drinks, movie tix, or create your own shout!

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Personalise it

Make it extra special with an added message, pic, gif... or that infamous meme from the group chat. You know the one.

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Send it

We’ll fire your mate  a text to download Shouta™ so they can see the digital gift you’ve sent their way. Instant endorphin boost!

How to spend shouts

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Add It

Someone sent you a shout — cha-ching! Soak in the feels, then jump into the Shouta™ App and add your Shouta™ Mastercard to your phone’s digital wallet.

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Load it

Tap on Spend to load up your Shouta™ Mastercard. It’s your very own reloadable card, so top it up every time you score a shout.

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Spend it

Online, offline. It’s all the same to Shouta™.  To buy your treat, simply tap and pay wherever Mastercard is accepted.

"My best friend lives in Melbourne. I shouted her a bottle of bubbles and a mani in an instant."

Taryn, Sydney

"My friend had a bad Monday at work. I shouted him a coffee for a fresh start to Tuesday. He loved it."

Jessica, Brisbane

"This is genius. I couldn't make a mates birthday dinner so I shouted him a beer with my apologies."

George, Melbourne

Shouta App And Apple Pay
Shouta App And Apple Pay