One gift card,
never-ending gifts

Create the perfect digital gift, personalise it then send it wrapped up as a digital Shouta® Mastercard, ready to spend anywhere. Unlike gift cards, your recipient gets to pick where they redeem their digital gift.

The best gift card, Shouta Mastercard
Hand holding a phone featuring Shouta Mastercard, a digital gift card

An instant digital gift, straight to their phone

Thanks to the magic of the Shouta® Mastercard, good vibes go straight from your heart to their phone in seconds.

Your digital gift is instantly accessible on this reloadable digital debit card, which they simply activate and add to their Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet and use anywhere (yes anywhere) in Australia that accepts Mastercard.


What makes Shouta® Mastercard special?

Shouta® Mastercard offers way more flexibility than traditional gift cards. It's digital, reloadable, secure, and environmentally friendly, and  can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted across Australia.


Unlike gift cards, the Shouta® Mastercard tops up each time you receive a shout.

Spend in store

With Shouta® Mastercard, your recipient can spend wherever, on whatever you like. Gifted a Coffee but feel like a Wine? No worries.

Spend online

Keen to shop online? Grab your card details from the App. Just make sure you have enough funds to cover your purchase.


Shouta® Mastercard is a secure card added to your digital wallet and stored together with your other cards.

Shouta® Mastercard ticks all the boxes.
All the boxes!

Shouta® Mastercard vs Gift cards

Wondering how our Mastercard compares to other gift cards on offer? We've compiled this handy comparison table to highlight just that!

Shouta® Mastercard

Traditional gift cards

Instant Blue-Check Blue-Check
Send via email Blue-Check Blue-Check
Send via SMS Blue-Check
Reloadable card Blue-Check
Card in digital wallet Blue-Check
Secure digital card Blue-Check
Flexibility to spend at any retailer, online or in-store Blue-Check
Gift expires after 3 years Blue-Check Blue-Check
Phone featuring instant digital gifts

Shouta® vs money transfer

Don't bother with a boring, impersonal money transfer. Jazz up that birthday present, promotion congrats or treat using Shouta.

Shouta® Mastercard

Money transfer

Instant Blue-Check Blue-Check
Personalised Blue-Check
Received as a digital gift Blue-Check
Receive notifications when your gift is viewed and spent Blue-Check
Comment and chat via the Shouta™ App Blue-Check
Notification of gift received Blue-Check
Reloadable Mastercard Blue-Check
Tap and pay with Shouta Mastercard

Discover true flexibility with this next gen gift card

If you’re shopping in-store, open your digital wallet and tap and pay with your Shouta® Mastercard. Or, let Shouta® cover your next online shop by grabbing the card deets in the App. 

Shouta Mastercard

Mind your balance

Our gifts may be digital, but the struggle of getting your card declined is too real. Luckily you can keep tabs on your Shouta® balance in the App to make sure you’re always cashed up.

Pro-tip: If you cover the shouts you send with your Shouta® balance, you'll pay 70% less fees (paying it forward really pays off, huh?)

Phones featuring Shouta App, an instant digital gifting app

The technical stuff

To access their Shouta® Mastercard, iPhones users need iOS 11 and Android peeps need 8.0 or higher, plus Google Pay set as the default wallet. You only need to add your Shouta® Mastercard to your digital wallet once: the next shout you receive - from your mate or workplace will top up to the same card.

Get shouting with the Shouta® App