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  • Add a special message
  • Checkmark Add a fun image or logo
  • Checkmark Shout up to 10 people



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  • Send reminders for un-viewed shouts
  • Checkmark Create and save custom shouts
  • Checkmark Shout up to 100 people

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Billed annually


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Admin shouters
A user that has the ability to add/remove users plus has access to all features in a plan.
1 Unlimited Unlimited
Standard shouters
A user that is given access to a Shouta Biz company account by an Admin shouter to send shouts.
1 Unlimited Unlimited
Send shouts in bulk
Send shouts to more than one person in a single transaction.
10 Up to 10 100  Up to 100 100  Up to 100
Send shouts by SMS or email
Depending on what info you add, shouts can be delivered by SMS, email or both.
Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Customise shouts with images and messages
Use our preset image or add your own. Plus include a special message.
Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Company balance top ups 
Preload funds into your Shouta Biz account to draw down from at checkout. This feature is available to admin shouters only.
Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Send reminders for un-viewed shouts
Monitor the transaction history to see who hasn't yet received/viewed your shout. Then send them a nudge to remind them about their digital gift.
Blue-Check Blue-Check
Save contact lists 
Create a bulk upload contact list using our CSV template then save it for a quicker send to the same people in future.
Blue-Check Blue-Check
Create and save custom shouts
Create and name your own shout and save it for a quicker send in future.
Blue-Check Blue-Check
Slack channel integration
For companies that use Slack, let the team know when someone receives a shout by sending a notification into a dedicated Shouta Slack channel.
Blue-Check Blue-Check
Restrict shouter's spend limit 
Admin shouters can limit how much standard shouters can spend from the company balance. This feature is available to admin shouters only.
Schedule shouts
Create a shout and schedule it for sending at a later date.

Maintaining morale and rewarding our workers has always been a priority at Cobild. We have been fortunate to discover Shouta Biz™ which has streamlined the process and allowed us to add a more personal touch to our staff gifts.

Shouta Biz gave us the opportunity to think outside the box and find something cool, fresh and accessible for our entire team. There’s really no restrictions on how you use it. It suits anyone’s lifestyle, really, especially how we’re living now. The possibilities are endless.

Our customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start my free trial right away?

Yes, you can register and access any of the plans free of charge for 14 days.

What is the difference between the Shouta® App, WebShouts™ and Shouta Biz®?

Shouta® App and WebShouts™ are perfect for sending shouts to your mates or for dipping your toe in the world of corporate gifting.

If you’re looking for more features and functionality to send shouts in bulk, the ability to refund gifts that have not been viewed and you’re sending shouts around for business, then Shouta Biz® is your go-to.

How are subscriptions billed?

You can choose to be billed monthly, or save by choosing annual subscription.

What is the difference between the Admin shouter and shouter?

Any shouter has the ability to send digital gifts through the Shouta Biz® Platform.

The Admin shouter enjoys extra perks on Shouta Biz®. They can add new shouters, initiate refunds, view redemption data, create spend limits for shouters and more when on a Premium plan.

What happens if I need to add more Admin shouters to my account?

Our Basic plan provides you with one Admin shouter. If multiple members of your team want to be bosses of the gifting game, you can upgrade to Standard or Platinum.

Can I change my plan later?

You can upgrade, or cancel your subscription within your billing cycle. 

Which currencies do you accept?

AUD (Australian Dollar)

How do I pay for a subscription?

Pay using a debit card or credit card.