Case study: Atomic212

Atomic 212° bonds connection and rewards

Recognition delivered when it counts

Meet Atomic 212°, Australia’s largest independent media agency that has been making marketing smarter, faster and accountable since 2008.Their data and insights experts drive performance and programmatic teams and enable industry-leading measurement and optimisation.

Experts in planning and buying effective media for their clients, Atomic 212° have more than 120 team members across four office locations. This agency is the definition of having their finger on the pulse.

The challenge: employee recognition needed to be faster, easier and convenient

For Stephanie Giannetto, Operations & Marketing Coordinator, their approach to staff rewards and recognition was being left behind and it was not reflective of their forward thinking agency.

For a while, Giannetto and the leadership team were using old school methods of recognising their people by purchasing gift cards This was not timely, nor was it conveniently delivered or a great way to connect with their team, but the friction this method created was further highlighted during the pandemic.

Atomic 212° knew they’d need a solution that would help recognise and celebrate the team or individuals in the moment, when it counts.


From Insta to instant gifting


Initially they used Shouta Biz during the pandemic to let the team know they were valued and appreciated, but the platform grew to support the team in many different ways. From birthdays, to work anniversaries, farewell shouts, thank you shouts or a round of beers just because, has meant that all agency members, including those who aren’t in the office can still enjoy the perks of being a team member at Atomic 212°.


“We needed something fast, instant and personalised. Shouta Biz has given us a way to connect with our staff, reward in the moment and find a way to bring us together in a seamless way”.


A personal touch

Atomic 212° love that they’re sending their team a gift that is flexible and easy to use anywhere. But it’s more than just sending cash, “we always include personalised messages, a photo and different elements that reflect our brand of fun and quirky”.

Green gifting

“It’s a great win for the environment because everything is done digitally – no packaging, no plastic, and trips to the shops required. Employees don’t want another branded water bottle from their boss, let’s be honest, they'd prefer a flexible gift they can spend anywhere. Shouta Biz is a way of essentially giving employees what they want without creating more landfill” says Giannetto.

There’s no turning back

After more than a year of using Shouta Biz, the Atomic 212° team enjoy the ease and results achieved since using Shouta “It’s just so much easier than anything else I’ve found online”.

All staff love the inclusivity offered, flexibility, freedom of a shout and the speed in which they are recognised and celebrated in the moment.

Connecting and celebrating the hard work of your team can be fast, fun and rewarding, it’s free to sign up to Shouta Biz, find a plan that fits you and your team needs.


See Shouta Biz® in action


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