Case study: CoreNet Australia

Member benefits made easy

CoreNet Global Australia surprise and delight new members with custom welcome gifts


Meet CoreNet Global, a non-profit association on a mission to advance the practice of corporate real estate through professional development opportunities, publications, research, conferences, designations, and networking in 45 local chapters and networking groups globally.

The challenge: Provide new members with a warm welcome

There are many perks to becoming a member of CoreNet Global’s Australian chapter. Members enjoy access to virtual and in-person events, thought leadership content and they can even gain industry certifications. Once members dot the i's and cross the t's the official welcome process commences. Hand in hand with a flurry of welcome messages and announcements, a welcome pack is distributed. Included in a membership pack, newbies were receiving a welcome letter and some information about the chapter. 

Trish Tillard, Australia Chapter Administrator is always on a mission to make her members feel appreciated and valued, especially when they first join. 

The Australia Chapter wanted to share a warm welcome with members that made them feel appreciated and one that wouldn’t get lost in their email! When Trish was first introduced to Shouta she was drawn by the fun, easy and instant recipient experience. 

“Shouta Biz gave us ideas about how we could potentially use it to benefit our Members. We use it all the time, it’s easy for us and our members.” said Trish Tillard, Australia Chapter Administrator.

Front of mind

All new members now receive a shout, straight to their phone’s digital wallet. The welcome gift redemption rate has seen a significant uplift.

The CoreNet Global Australia Chapter enjoy surprising their members with unexpected shouts post events or even using the platform for prize giveaways. 

“It's much easier to set up and it's something that people can easily put onto their phone and utilise out of their digital wallet. It's always front of mind unlike traditional vouchers that are sent via e-mail and forgotten about.”


Bonus features

In addition to making the right impact with members, the Australia Chapter are loving their Premium Shouta Biz features including the ability to custom design gifts that showcase the fun side of CoreNet Global Australia. 

PLUS, if for some reason a shout isn’t claimed after a couple of months, they refund the shout value back into their company balance! 

“There are some stand out features. From personalisation, scheduling to refunding. Being able to refund unclaimed shouts after a couple of months means that the welcome budget never goes to waste!” 

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