Case study: Kent Removals and Storage

Kent Removals and Storage delivers when it matters

From Sydney to Perth, instant hugs from leaders

Meet Kent Removals and Storage, a family run Australian owned business that has been around for 75 years. From what started as a truck delivering office furniture, it has grown to a national organisation with global partners helping people relocate from anywhere to everywhere.

The challenge: Connecting and recognising with a distributed workforce

Paula McCabe, Head Of Talent and Performance has recently stepped into the role and has set out to enhance the employee brand experience and organisational culture. Traditionally, typical of the blue collar industry, Kent had created an operationally sound organisation with a “getting on with it” attitude.
Paula wanted to shift the attitude and set out to find a way for managers to connect, recognise and reward their team members from anywhere at any time, when it mattered, in the moment.


Cultural transformation


Given the diverse range of roles and highly efficient, busy team, an easy to use solution was required to support engagement through and across teams.


While attending the Workplace Wellness Festival, Paula was actively looking for a solution that would support their need for connection. She stumbled across Shouta’s stand and discovered this could be a step towards her goal.


“What I thought was going to be a small step actually created a culture shift within the organisation. It's been a really great introduction.”


Everyone has a phone


Shouta Biz has allowed Kent to create a program, with minimal training that allows everyone to connect and access the new instant rewards and recognition program.  The platform has transformed Kent’s culture advocating and supporting the “Kent Hug”.  


“Previously, recognition typically happened when you would see them in person or at a later stage and you could sense it was lost or the timing to recognise someone had passed.

There has been a shift in how people perceive the action of recognition, we see it happen straight away.”


All staff were made aware of the new initiative via a town hall session with the CEO. The team were introduced to the Shouta App and the Shouta Mastercard. Immediately following the session, all staff across Australia received a generous shout from the CEO so they could spend anywhere, online or in-store in Australia where Mastercard is accepted.

Size doesn’t matter


Managers and team members now thoroughly enjoy sharing in a virtual hug, sending funny personalised messages, recognising significant achievements, first day welcome coffees or even an afternoon beer to enjoy with family and friends.


“For me, it’s helped me realise how big or small a gesture is, it is the gesture itself that counts.” 


Start with as little as a $5 for a Coffee shout, see the kind of impact a small gesture can have on your staff.


See Shouta Biz® in action


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