Case study: LUCA Plus

LUCA Plus doubles down on digital gifting

Little shouts go a long way with customers and staff


Meet Luca Plus, a start-up pioneering office fintech

Based in the Docklands, Victoria, LUCA Plus is a savvy start-up that’s revolutionising the
workplace bookkeeping automation and payments game, thanks to an innovative platform that
securely verifies accounting records and stops invoice fraudsters in their tracks.

In fact, LUCA Plus’s scalable tech is great for companies of every industry and size. Just like

The challenge: cut through the COVID clutter

The secret sauce behind LUCA Plus’s enhanced protection lies in the blockchain’s distributed
digital ledger. It’s super secure, but also complex, even for the most cutting-edge customers.
Naturally, they have questions, like “So…what is it, exactly?” 🤔

To clear up the confusion, LUCA Plus needed to understand what other questions potential
customers had about their service. But in the throes of COVID, just about every company was
trying to make sense of unprecedented times, which meant a lot (read: A LOT) of email surveys.


LUCA Plus knew they'd need extra incentive to get customers to click, but with their base in various states of lockdown, a one-size-fits all reward wouldn't cut it.


Movie tickets or rideshares could be perfect for some, and completely useless for others.
They also didn’t have the time or resources to pick and choose prizes based on customer
preferences. They wanted a magic unicorn that was super simple yet super personalised.
Sounds like someone we know… 👋


Start-ups supporting start-ups


LUCA Plus Marketing and Business Development Manager Daniela Herrera was searching for
the solution when she stumbled upon Shouta Biz® in a group for Aussie start-ups. It didn’t take
long to see how the App ticked all the boxes.

Customisable incentives? 👌 Check!
Easy to send and redeem?👌 Check!
Nationwide reach?👌 Check!
Supporting a fellow home-grown start-up? 🤗 Bonus!


LUCA Plus put Shouta Biz to the test, incentivising customers to answer a quick survey with $20 shout on offer. 


The results were as instant as Shouta’s easy-to-redeem e-gifts. The ability for customers to
spend their shouts how they pleased gave their survey major click factor.


Within days the LUCA Plus survey racked up nearly 200 respondents from a highly targeted audience.


In the end, LUCA Plus soared past their goal by only spending half their marketing budget.


Shouting it forward to staff


Following the success of the customer survey, LUCA Plus found a whole new way to use Shouta Biz® sharing appreciation for their team for overcoming the challenges of a COVID-filled year.


With remote teams distributed across Australia and separated by border closures, LUCA Plus wanted to find a way to share their appreciation in lieu of the standard in-person end-of-year party.


Using Shouta's easy-to-use platform, leaders sent every employee a shout that they could use exactly how they wanted. 


In fact, Shouta’s simplicity meant that the founders could send each employees’ digital gift right from their own phone or computer. For employees, this highlighted a greater sense of belonging, especially since travel restrictions kept many from ever meeting their team in person.


“Shouta Biz® gave us the opportunity to think outside the box and find something cool, fresh and accessible for our entire team” explains Daniela Herrera, Marketing and Business Development Manager


Our two start-ups are just getting started


With the success of using Shouta Biz® across-the-board, LUCA Plus is excited to continue their partnership to boost company morale, customer engagement and beyond. You can even try their happiness hack of shouting coffees to clients or customers to kick off a meeting.


"There's really no restrictions on how to use it" says Daniela "it suits anyone's lifestyle, really, especially how we're living now. The possibilities are endless." 


See Shouta Biz® in action


How do other Shouta Biz customers use the platform? Find more inspo here.


Want a PDF version of this case study? Download here. 


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