Case study: Marketboomer

Marketboomer’s employee recognition boom

Less faffing around, more paying it forward


Meet Marketboomer, the company making hospitality procurement more hospitable

Ever stayed in a hotel and wondered where all the stuff comes from? Spoiler alert: the minibar
fairy does not exist. Every hotel is sourcing hundreds of supplies on the daily, and, despite the
miniature size of shampoo and conditioner, procurement is no small job.

That’s where Marketboomer comes in. This Sydney-based start-up offers hotel groups around
the world an easy-to-use marketplace where they can source every item they need in one go
from their choice of suppliers—all with paperless invoicing. How’s that for hospitality?

The challenge: recognising hard work is hard work

Just like the hospitality industry itself, Marketboomer is all about those little touches that make
you feel looked after. For founder Nathan Gyaneshwar, that approach starts on the inside
through recognition awards.

For a while, Gyaneshwar and his team recognised a few employee all-stars who embodied the
core company values once a quarter, giving them a fancy customised gift card embossed with
the company logo.

If you’re thinking “Wow, it’s awesome a company would take all that time to recognise their
employees like that!” You’d be right.


A lot of behind-the-scenes admin and expenses went into coordinating each employee's gift card. Turns out, custom printing a couple of gift cards is quite a costly exercise. 


And because much of Marketboomer’s workforce is remote (ever heard of this thing called unprecedented times?), the team ended up mailing the gift cards to recipients, which made each moment of recognition well, a little less of a moment.


It was working fine. But hospitality is a fast-paced industry. So is tech. Marketboomer is both, which means they’re always running at 2x speed and looking for ways to streamline. Gyaneshwar wanted a solution that could help him work smarter, not harder.


Time to “start-up” a conversation


Gyaneshwar was first introduced to Shouta® when he attended an event our Co-Founder and CEO Carly Shamgar was speaking.


She introduced the world of nano-gifting®, a world where friends, colleagues and more can send virtual gifts in an instant, anywhere in Australia.


Carly also spoke to Shouta Biz®, the business platform where companies could easily manage gifting for employees, clients and more.


That's all Gyaneshwar needed to hear. It sounded like a perfect fit. And just like that, the Shouta Biz® - Marketboomer partnership was born.


An immediate difference


After giving Shouta Biz® a go, Gyaneshwar noticed an improvement instantly, because that’s just how he sent his first employee awards: instantly.


“Now, the process to recognise people has no red tape. If I want to recognise someone, I can do it today, like right now. I don't have to talk to anyone,” he explains.


Shouta Biz®’s virtual platform cuts planning out of the process: the team soon shifted from quarterly awards to always-on gifting, where employees were celebrated not just for embodying company values, but for going above and beyond or handling an especially difficult request. Instead of waiting days for their gift card to arrive, employees could have their moment (and their money $$$) right off the bat.


Plus, Shouta Biz®’s easy spreadsheet-upload function means that the team can send every single employee a virtual gift at once. It goes a lot quicker than mailing that many virtual gift cards. And a lot less envelopes to lick.


Overall, Gyaneshwar has been able to up Marketboomer’s employee recognition game, while cutting down on unnecessary admin.


Get started with Shouta Biz®


After months of using Shouta Biz®, the Marketboomer team is still finding new ways to shout its employees. From treating new starters, to first-day welcome lunches, to gifting a bottle of wine just ‘coz, there’s no end to the ways Shouta Biz® can be used.


Like a long stay at one of the hotels they support, Gyaneshwar leaves Shouta this five star review: "I don't have to wait for anything. I don't have to do anything other than push a few buttons and it's done!". 


See Shouta Biz® in action


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