Case study: Mortgage EZY

Mortgage Ezy finds workplace gifting too ‘ezy’

Feeling right at home with the Shouta Biz® platform


Meet Mortgage Ezy, the lender going toe to toe with the big banks.


Considering a mortgage finances a house, you’re hard-pressed to find consumers who feel at
home navigating the red tape and big bank jargon of modern lending. That’s where Mortgage
Ezy comes in. Founded in 2001, they were disrupting since before ‘disruption’ was a buzzword,
leveraging the latest tech and business partnership to push the boundaries of home lending.

The result is a more competitive market, where the customer gets the best benefit. How easy is

The challenge:old school isn’t Mortgage Ezy’s style.

If Mortgage Ezy did things the way they’d always been done, well, Mortgage Ezy wouldn’t exist.
Their mission to shake up the system is true from big-business partnerships, down to their
everyday gifting.

Mortgage Ezy loves to reward their growing staff for everything from birthdays to anniversaries.
But, with a remote workforce distributed across Australia, this meant those personalised gifts
had to be sent by post.


As it turns out, some of the best workplace gifts - from mouth-watering meals to chic treats - don't travel well. Adding to that, the unpredictability of the post meant that gifts often arrived days after (or before) the special day the were celebrating.  


Of course, Mortgage Ezy wasn’t going to settle for the status quo. So HR Manager Lisa Daly set
out to find a solution up to snuff with the company’s challenger ethos.


From searching to shouting in a sec


After Lisa started looking for a 21st century upgrade to Mortgage Ezy’s gifting, it didn’t take long until she stumbled on Shouta® on Instagram. And it took even less time for her to sign up.


Like anyone curious about Shouta Biz®, a member of our team did a one-on-one Zoom with Lisa to give her the full scoop on our platform, plus unique capabilities that could help Mortgage Ezy reach their unique gifting goals. Lisa was sold: “I just signed up and that was it. It was all very simple.”


It’s the thought — not the time — that counts


The simplicity of Shouta Biz® means that clients like Lisa can use it all the time, without
spending all the time on it. The platform is designed with workplace gifters in mind, with
intuitive functions like schedule-ahead gifting for a calendar’s worth of birthdays, or an
upload-able form that allows you to shout your whole team at once.

With the gifting process streamlined, Lisa and her team can focus on the gift itself and not how
it’s getting there.

“With Shouta® I can send people fun gifts instantly,” Lisa explains. Shouta Biz®’s platform lets
her and the Mortgage Ezy team gift everything from gourmet dinners for a special work
anniversary, to a piping hot coffee to kick off a productive work week. Let’s see how those travel
in the post.

Each gift arrives in the form of a Shouta® Mastercard redeemable wherever Mastercard is
accepted. However, the gift still feels as personal as a care package, thanks to custom images
and messages Lisa sends along with each shout.


Join Shouta® in an instant


Lisa is one of dozens of workplace gifters who give Shouta Biz their seal of approval. So why not see what Shouta Biz® can do for you when you put it to work? Check out our platform and find out how you can up your gifting game today — without upping your workload or budget.



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