National Tree Day 2022

Yeah, I did it myself: Help revegetate our native flora

Make a difference this National Tree Day


Like oxygen?

I bet there are some fans of oxygen out there. We love it here at Shouta, can’t live without it.
31st of July we celebrate National Tree Day across Australia and we’re getting involved. Will you help us?


We’ve created a limited edition Seedling shout in the App. Share it around and help drive awareness of the day and encourage your friends, family and even your work colleagues to get out and plant some seeds. 


Secondly, for every Seedling shout sent via the App or WebShout Shouta® will donate $1 to The Seedling Bank to support community-led environmental projects across Australia.


Send a Seedling shout 


Does your company want to get involved?
We’ve added the seedling shout to the Shouta Biz dashboard. Encourage your team to get out and engage with their wider community. Make an impact on the environment.

Check out the Seedling via Shouta Biz  


What can your shoutees do with a seedling shout?

As well as spending on whatever they want, wherever they like , we suggest they go to their local and pick up some seeds for native plants that produce the most pollen for bees. Here are 6 Australian native plant and trees that will bees will be buzzing about - 

Gum tree (Eucalyptus)

Wattle (Acacia)
Spider Flower (Grevilleas)

Native bluebell (Wahlenbergia stricta)

Everlasting daisy (Xerochrysum)


These can all be purchased online or in store using a Shouta Mastercard anywhere Mastercard is accepted in Australia.


Send a Seedling shout 


OR why not try making a seed bomb? Our friends over at Rooftop Bees have created a handy how to video. Everything you need for just $5 - The recommended shout amount for a Seedling shout. Check out their blog! 


Send a Seedling shout 

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