Celebrating in the moment: Don't let the moment slip you by

How can I possibly thank you?


Have you ever been in those situations where you want to give someone a little thank you or appreciation gift but flowers are $$$$, gift boxes are generic and gift cards, who can be bothered?

Shouta™ enters the chat.

Not to toot our own horn but Shouta™ is the perfect App for when you want to send someone a quick note and just a little something. You can send a digital gift for as little as $5 like a coffee or $250 so they can treat  themselves to a lovely meal.


Surprise and delight them with a nano-gift®. 


I’ll shout you next time

Have you ever been in a position where you’re gearing up to get the next round but others keep beating you to the bar. And then you’ve reached that point where you’re just having the time of your life and then you wake up in bed wondering what happened? We’ve all been there - why not remember the good times and shout a round of Meals for your mates?


Had one of those moments? Shout a round of Happy Meals?


Say thanks with a cherry on top

That friend that always comes to the rescue.
That bro that always has your back.
The wifey that always listens to you complain about work.
The work husband that rescues you from awkward conversations with Karen or Ken.
The funny one that makes you hyperventilate with laughter.

How do you say thanks and recognise those mini moments? Really think about it.
After Covid, we’ve all realised how valuable life is and how important it is that we surround ourselves with people that enrich and spark joy in our lives.


Shout that special someone a coffee NOW and show them how much you really appreciate them. 


Water-cooler chats

Now that a large majority of us are working from home, those water cooler chats are far and few between. Often it’s up to you to create those moments, force them.


Shout a round of coffees, tell everyone to buy themselves a coffee and go for a walk, get some fresh air. OR bring the coffee back to the desk for a zoom hang. 


Coffees on me!


Woohoo! That’s so exciting
Is your feed blowing up with pregnancy, engagement and child arrival announcements? Same. As a friend you want to recognise the moment but sometimes, if you’re like us, you just don't know what an appropriate gift might be and if you do get something, what if you get it wrong? And when babies are involved, parents don’t have time to return a gift or send it back.

By gifting with Shouta™, you’re practically saving the environment! No more landfill with unnecessary wrapping paper, gift cards and toys that the kid has no interest in. 

When sending a shout you can label it as anything at all, you can even personalise it with a custom shout or GIF and message BUT the best thing about Shouta™? The GIFT - the gift is sent in the form of a Shouta™ Mastercard. Your friend can spend it on anything at all, even if you get it wrong - they’ll still be able to enjoy their gift at any retailer across Australia that accepts Mastercard.


What are you waiting for? Get shouting.

Shouta™ App