‘Appy holidays: Updates are here!

Sing it with us “All I want for Christmas is….” App updates… We’ve brought you some really sweet App updates and new look shouts.


Let’s get into it
December 2021 marks our first bday and Shouta® users have been sharing some really great insights into how they use the App and of course, feedback too. Our kickass dev and design team have taken a lot of this feedback on board and brought you the following key updates -

1. Shout up to 3 people at a time
Celebrating life's mini moments with more mates just got simpler. Because now you can add up to 3 contacts in a single shout.
How much more time saving and convenient can digital gifting get? Shout your three musketeers!

2. The Feed tab has gone interactive
You’ve always been able to track the shouts you have sent and received via the Feed but BONUS, now you can also have some good chats in there! Yep, you can add comments under shouts to thanks, remind or beg for more.

Post a comment in there now!

3. Details details details
Your Profile got a makeover too. Now you can edit your details plus add an alternate number. If you have a different mobile number for business, there's no need to have 2 Shouta® accounts. Simply enter the alternate phone number so that shouts sent to a work number and personal number can be received on the same Shouta® account.

Want to add an extra number now?

4. New look, who dis?
If you haven't already noticed, our Meal shout is definitely lookin’ like a whole meal, don’t mistake it for a snack! It’s animated and we know it’ll make you hungry for A Meal.

Go on, check out our little makeover!

All in all, we’re pretty pumped about this update. Our truly BRILLIANT Dev and Design team have been burning the midnight oil to get this one out and we couldn’t be happier or prouder. We’ll be shouting them a Beer and a delicious Meal for sure!

We’re all about making the App experience simpler and all round amazing for you to digitally gift and spend too! On that note, if you haven’t already, do yourself and us a favour and check it out. Not to mention our digital gifts are seriously the best, fastest and easiest way to say Merry Xmas, happy bday, thanks, my bad or treat yo self!

Send instant, digital nano-gifts® and celebrate life’s mini moments.

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