Same-same but different: WebShouts by Shouta™

Not ready to commit to the Shouta™ App but want to give digital gifting a go? We hear you! Or better yet, we’ve heard you.


Quick recap
For those who are entirely new to Shouta™, it’s an Australian first nano-gifting® App that lets you shout anyone a digital gift from as little as $5 for a coffee, mani, a meal and much more! The great thing about the App is that you can shout a gift from anywhere at any time when you’re on-the-go!

WebShouts by Shouta™
WebShouts is perfect for when you’re:
✓ New to the world of digital nano-gifting®
✓ Running on 1% battery without a charger in sight
✓ Still not quite sure what an “app” is
✓ Don’t want another app on your phone
✓ In a serious meeting, trying to look busy

As the title of the blog might suggest, WebShouts is same-same but different. With WebShouts you can still send and experience the ease, fun and speed of sending instant, digital gifts but without downloading the Shouta™ App. WebShouts is accessible via most common web browsers and can be used via a computer and of course, mobile.

Say less? Check it out WebShouts

Access and shout!
To shout via WebShouts, head to the WebShouts page instead of opening the App and you're ready to go!
1. Simply pick the shout you would like to send
2. Allocate an amount, then polish it off with a special pic or GIF
3. Add your shoutees - here you can add up to three different lucky recipients!

And 💥 BOOM💥 your digital shout is fired off in a text message to your mate.

If you’re wondering if there is a limit on how many shouts you can send in a day, no there isn’t!

Ready to get shouting? WebShouts

The shoutee experience
Wondering how your shoutee spends their shout and where? Easy!
Inside their SMS from Shouta™ there's a link to download the Shouta™ App. Once that's done they'll get instant access to a prepaid, digital Shouta™ Mastercard to add to their Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet. They'll be able to tap and pay for their nano-gift® wherever Mastercard is accepted. Do they already have the App? Even easier! Their shout will simply load onto their Shouta™ Mastercard ready for spending.

Make someone's day? Send a shout via WebShouts

Get the Feed and more
While WebShouts allows you to send shouts, unlike the mobile App you won’t be able to track the progress of your shout. The mobile App also allows you to -
✓ Switch your shout to send and someone else
✓ See comments from your shoutee and reply
✓ Add shoutees faster by syncing your phone contacts

Never fear - the registration details used to send a shout via WebShouts will be the same login details for the mobile App! And if ever you want to get in on the App action, all of the added benefits will be just at your fingertips.

Download the App instead?

Shouta™ App WebShouts