In the News: Australia’s first nano-gifting® App launches


Australia’s first nano-gifting® App launches


Australian’s seeking some fun and relief from the year that is 2020 can find it in Shout®, a newly created gifting App. Shouta® is revolutionising the gifting category by introducing something fresh – nano-gifting®. The App lets users shout small gifts like coffee, drinks and more as a token of their thoughts. Think of it as a digital gesture. The idea germinated during the era of COVID 19 and lockdowns where Co-Founders, Carly Shamgar and Nick Redwood found there was no fun yet meaningful way to show friends and family that they were thinking of them. “Online gifts generally focus on hampers or flower bouquets which can be upwards of $100 which is quite expensive, especially during these challenging times, when all you want is to send someone a small token of your thoughts,” said Shamgar, CEO and Co-Founder. “Traditional gift cards are tied to specific retailers, and we wanted to create a way of sending instant, digital gifts that are retailer agnostic so they can be redeemed at the recipient’s store of choice,” she added. The App also aims to kickstart spending and help smaller businesses like cafes and bars which have suffered so much as a result of lockdowns and the ongoing Corona Virus crisis.


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