In the News: Fintech startup Shouta launches Shouta Biz


Fintech startup Shouta™ launched its digital nano-gifting® App in December 2020 and almost instantly saw requests coming through from businesses looking to utilise the App as a way of incentivising teams and rewarding great work. The Shouta™ team, led by Co-Founders Carly Shamgar (pictured) and Nick Redwood, immediately got to work on a business-specific product to meet the need and are now launching Shouta Biz™ nationwide.


Shouta Biz™ is a workplace digital gifting platform that allows users to instantly ‘shout’ employees or clients by sending them customisable nano-gifts® – like coffee, wine, or movie tickets. Instead of physical gifts or gift vouchers, the recipient receives a link to a digital, prepaid Shouta™ Mastercard. The reloadable card can be spent on the specific shout the gift giver has chosen, like a coffee, or on any item the recipient desires.


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