In the News: The best Father’s Day gifts to buy online in 2021


Through Shouta™, you can digitally ‘shout’ your Dad gifts straight from your smartphone. Instead of physical gifts or gift vouchers, the shoutee (a.k.a your beloved Dad) will receive a link to a digital, prepaid Shouta™ Mastercard. All shouts have suggested monetary amounts allocated to them, but if you’re looking to save cash this Father’s Day, you can also send a shout for as little as $5! The reloadable card can be spent on the specific shout the gift-giver has chosen, like a coffee, or on any item the recipient desires. The shout is customised with a personal message and image from the gifter, creating a unique digital gesture to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Shouta™ is free to download in App stores.


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