Best things in life are free!

Make 2022 the year of nano-gifting®. Fire up your Shouta® App and enjoy those fee-free feels all January long.


It makes “cents”

We get it, we saw it on TikTok too, as each of us edged towards December we spent more and more money. There were Christmas presents, events, Uber rides here and there, not to mention the Rapid Antigen Tests. But just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean the celebratory moments are done.

We get it. Life is expensive but moments deserving gifts don’t stop so for the month of Jan, we’re waving goodbye to fees.


Send a shout sans fees


Say it with Shouta®

Think of all of the mini moments and occasions you could be marking with a shout:

  • Celebrate an engagement.
  • Say congrats on a new baby - furry or human kind.
  • Cheer on a mate chasing their fitness goals.
  • Shout that beer you owe to your kind friend for helping you move.
  • Wish someone a happy birthday.
  • Send a welcome home shout.
  • Wish your colleagues luck in 2022.
  • Shout those stuck in iso a meal or groceries.
  • Mark a special anniversary.
  • Let someone know you’re thinking about them … as more than friends.
  • Say "I’m going to be late, buy yourself a cocktail" with a shout.

The list really could go on. Have we inspired you? Yes! I want to send a shout asap!


There’s no wrong reason to send a nano-gift®, but there is a right time, and it’s right now. 


Send a shout now!

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