Winning hearts: Landing Cupid's bow

Here are my confessions


When love is in the air, you can’t help but want to confess your true feelings to your crush. But how?? We’ve scoured the internet and we’ve done the research for you.


The top 3 don’ts

The first thing we read was, don’t tell your crush you’re into them JUST because it’s V Day.
The second, don’t get all stage five clinger if they don’t return your feelings and third don’t do anything over the top or super expensive, TBH, it might freak them out a bit. We think this DON’T is probably the most important one.

The opposite of super expensive? Nano-gifitng® try it out for yourself.


Live out your rom com dreams
When you’re gearing up to confess your feelings you need to take into consideration how your crush might be feeling. While none of us can know exactly what someone else is thinking and feeling, consider your interactions with them in the past. Do they pay full attention to you? Are they flirtatious? Do they touch you on your arm or back while talking to you? Or will your confession be completely out of the blue?

Can you speak my language?
If you’re not well versed in various love languages, get Googling, friend!
Not to say this is fail proof but figuring out and understanding someone's love language will be a great first foot in the door.

So what are the 5 love languages? In no particular order:
Words of affirmation
Physical touch
Quality time
Acts of service and

Shouta® ticks three out of the five, we’re made for this. Get shouting!

Tell me more

We’re not telling you exactly how to approach your crush or providing you with advice, but here are some ideas using Shouta® - 

Words of affirmation: Personalise a digital gift, select a gif that perfectly represents how they make you feel and then really knock it out of the park by writing a personalised message.

Acts of service: The best way to describe this one is by presenting you with a scenario.
You send your crush a shout, let them know you want them to go get a massage or meal with friends and you’ll drive them there and pick them up without questions. Get it? 

Gifts: Do we really need to spell this one out? Maybe we do. Just because this is your crush's love language it doesn’t mean they are a materialistic person. They love to receive gifts that have thought and meaning behind them because that’s really special to them. So customise your shout and make it special: integrate that inside joke into your message, or pick one of our preset shouts you know they'll love - like a Wine or Sweet Treat or select our "You Choose" shout and name it whatever you know they're lusting after at the moment. It’s actually so simple!

Start spreading the LOVE with Shouta®.

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