The good, the bad, the ugly: Nano-gifts® for life’s mini moments


The best kind of gifts? Gifts that please. Ones that are affordable, instant and perfect for celebrating small wins, brightening bad days or letting someone know you’re thinking of them — just ‘cos. Maybe someone you love finally landed that job promotion, popped the question, or got married. Maybe someone you love just needed to be reminded that they’re, well, loved. We believe the sucky stuff deserves a present just as much — if not more! — than the fun stuff.


Speaking of mornings, can you recall the most annoying one of your life? It probably looked like this: you slowly wake up, smiling as you think about how refreshed you feel after that deep sleep. It feels like you’ve been asleep forever! Probably because you have. As you reach for your phone, the screen glows: 8:32am.


You’re so late for work, it may as well have fired you on the spot. And so begins the Worst Day Of All Time.


You stub your toe on the bed frame, every item of clothing is in the wash, and where on earth are your car keys??? Once you’re finally on your way (and rehearsing your resignation speech) the fun continues: you catch every red light, you drop Vegemite toast on your already dirty shirt, and you receive a passive-aggressive email from a client that starts with “as per my previous email”...


Today couldn’t get any better. Or could it?


Actually, this is the exact kind of situation that Shouta’s™ digital gifts were made for. We do nano-gifts® for all of life’s micro-moments — the good, the bad and the ugly. You rant or rave to a friend about what’s happening in your life, and they can send you a gift to brighten your day.


Never heard of nano-gifts®? Shouta’s™ digital gifts are small, affordable presents that you can send a loved one *instantly* to celebrate their wins, or commiserate their losses. They’re gifts they’ll love. Gifts you’re happy to send. And gifts that will actually get eaten, drunk and used.


Yep, that means you can instantly shout:


☕️ Their morning coffee


🍻 Their well-deserved Friday drinks


💅🏼 Their next mani-pedi appointment


🍫 Their favourite ice cream


🎟 Their next cinema sesh


🎁 Literally anything else your imagination can drum up.


Plus, we’ve made gift-giving SO easy! All you have to do is choose who you’re surprising, choose what you’re sending, and they’ll receive an instant prepaid, digital Shouta™ Mastercard so they can treat themselves — on you.


In other words, Shouta™ has your back — whether you want to surprise a friend, congratulate a colleague, thank a family member, cheer up a friend who’s been through the wars, or apologise to a certain boss for being really, really late. Again. Oops.


Ready to spread kindness? Get the App now.


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