Protect your account from being blocked.


We might not take ourselves too seriously, but there’s one thing we don’t joke about: your safety. 🔒


We’ve built in measures to safeguard your account and protect you from fraudulent activity — here’s the 411!


🧐 If we’re suss on your profile, we might temporary block your Shouta account and ask for more details. Ain’t got time for that? If you’re a legit user, there’s a couple things you can to do to avoid it happening:

  1. Sending a shout? 🚀 Double check your payment card has sufficient funds before do. If your card is declined too many times, it’ll trigger a block. Oops.

  2. Shouting a team? 👪 Step away from the App. We've developed an online version of the App — Shouta Biz®— to help you just do that! Contact us at if you'd like to learn more. We promise it’s quick!

  3. Shopping up a storm? 💸 Keep in mind you can only spend $250 worth of shouts in a day. Yeah, that’s a *lot* of coffees.

We’re always around on Messenger or email — hit us up if you need help!