Making kindness the norm: Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day

A kinder world
There’s no denying how difficult the past couple of years have been. The time helped us realise how small acts of kindness can make a massive difference. For the year 2022 we want to try and make a difference, and make kindness contagious.

Have you caught the kindness bug? We’ve made it real simple to show you care…send a shout! 

Spreading kindness 

We knew with the right number of clicks and mentions, we could make kindness go viral. Working with our team, friends, business associates and social media influencers we created an opportunity for their followers to share their stories around kindness.

What they shared

As well as collecting beautiful stories of kindness from their followers, influencers were encouraged to send everyone who responded a shout. The great thing about Shouta is that you can send a Coffee shout for $5 or a fine drop for $250! The whole premise around Random Acts Of Kindness Day is that gestures can be any size - medium or nano.

So what gesture of kindness did people share during Random Acts Of Kindness Day? A Coffee shout of course! Check out some of the viral moments:

Influencers via Instagram
Alex via LinkedIn
Carly via LinkedIn
Narae via LinkedIn

Doing your bit
Shouta® is an easy way to surprise someone and let them know you’re thinking of them with a personalised message and a nano-gift. In need of some other great ideas? Here are some of the wonderful stories of kindness others shared with us:

💝 Shout a Bunnings snag to the people behind you.
💝 Pay it backwards at the bread shop.
💝 Smile at strangers.
💝 Can’t go trick or treating? Make lolly boxes and deliver them to the kids on the street!
💝 Rescue dogs and drop them off at the shelter.
💝 Always open your home to your kids, no matter how old they are.
💝 Stack your plates at restaurants.
💝 Not only return the wallet but wait for the person to pick it up.
💝 See an older citizen in need of assistance? Help them with groceries, especially on a rainy day.
💝 Found a phone on the train and waited for the owner even after a long shift.
💝 Donated hair and raised over $10K!
💝 Bought groceries for the homeless. 

Spread kindness today and send someone a shout.

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