Valentines day gifts they’ll love

5 creative Valentines day gifts that aren’t flowers


Gifts that won’t disappoint

The go-to gift on Valentine's Day is usually a box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers. Given Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year, flowers will be an obvious and ever popular choice. But to be clear, gas station / supermarket flowers will have the opposite effect of what you’re looking to achieve. You’ll definitely disappoint. 


5 Gift ideas that aren't flowers and chocolates:

1. Glam up
Shout them a manicure and an appointment at the salon so they can pamper themselves in the lead up. Imagine how they’ll feel post treatment and pamper day? 

Ready to shout a special appointment?


2. Fit check
Planning an outfit for V Day celebrations is so exciting. This planning takes place weeks in advance, sometime days if you can get express shipping or if it happens IRL.
Shout them a new outfit and see how quickly you’ll go straight into the good books! 

Dress, bag and shoes - get shouting!


3. Let’s get physical, physical
Discover something your significant other is passionate about and shout them the opportunity to spend more time doing it! Pottery making? Shout to them a couple of sessions. They want to work on their fitness goals? Why not shout a post work-out smoothie.


Shout them a power Smoothie for their gains!


4. Mastermind
Has your partner been talking about expanding their skills or knowledge? Why not send them a shout to an online course? Often a little nudge can go a long way - all the way to starting their own business?


A class above, shout them or contribute towards that online course they’ve been umm-ing and ahhh-ing about.


5. It's personal

Did you know we have a "You Choose" shout? This digital gift allows you to customise with a pic of your own. Label it as a Massage or Babysitting voucher and claim it when they spend it!


Send a custom Babysitting shout

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