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Stone & Chalk supports emerging tech while rewarding staff

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Meet The Stone & Chalk Group, a leading not-for-profit that drives emerging tech innovation for positive impact. Committed to catalysing success for startups and helping scaleups expand, they provide their residents with unrivalled knowledge, access to capital, infrastructure and guidance. They are the largest innovation community in Australia.

The challenge: Creating meaningful touch points

We’ve all been there: You ride the wave of scoring a new job, give notice and then there’s often a bit of (awkward) silence between you and your soon to be employer before your start date.

Jacqui Duncan, Head of Relationship Management and unofficial title: Chief of Random New Ideas at The Stone & Chalk Group, wanted to create additional soft touch points in the onboarding process that wasn’t an email about superannuation, process and building fobs.


Surprise and delight soon to be Chalkie


Jacqui was first introduced to Shouta during the 2020 lockdown. She was using the P2P App to connect with loved ones shouting a Coffee to check in and even a Wine for virtuals hangs.
When she found out that Shouta was launching Shouta Biz, she was first in line to sign up to the platform.

She saw a lot of use cases but first wanted to implement Shouta Biz as a part of the recruitment, onboarding process. The main purpose is to make people feel welcome before their official first day, keep in touch and have a positive impact. No matter where the new staff member is starting, from NSW to SA, they all receive a small gesture in the form of a shout to make them feel a part of the team.


And the shout goes to…


Newbies aren’t the only lucky recipients of a shout. A monthly town hall brings Stone and Chalk’s team of about 70 team members scattered across Australia together. On the agenda? Announcing the winner of “Cheers for peers”. Prior to the session, team members are asked to nominate a team member for the ‘Cheers for peers' program, an opportunity for the team to celebrate and recognise a Chalkie for being an all ‘round champ! The winner of course gets all the cheers from their peers and a shout of $250!  

Great random new idea


Jacqui, Chief of random new ideas gives Shouta Biz the tick of approval, her favourite features include the branding and customizable features the platform brings, while also aligning with their sustainability and tech goals. But most of all, Shouta Biz has streamlined the process to recognise someone and gift them, instantly, never letting the moment, a job well done or a great achievement pass without the recognition it deserves.


The carrot not the stick


Since implementing, the marketing team have also taken advantage of the flexible gifting platform to reward their residents to engage with content, survey completions and referrals.


“Prior to launching our residential connection platform Stone & Chalk Connect, we launched a survey to capture sentiment and feedback. For anyone that completed the survey we sent them a $5 shout.”


You get a shout, everyone gets a shout


The Stone and Chalk group believe flexibility in gifts, rewards and recognition is key. Both the sender and the recipient need to be happy with the exchange.

“Anyone that has a customer or an employee, which is basically every single business! Will be able to find a perfect way to use Shouta.”


Spark some new creative ways you can implement Shouta within your business and make a positive impact.


See Shouta Biz® in action


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Case study Shouta Biz